Valentine’s day special: When Health fell in love with Tech

2018 started of with some newly formed relationships, engagements and marriages in the Healthcare space. We witnessed the creation of power couples, inspiring engagements, but also long-awaited relationships being formalized. Let’s celebrate the love today between tech & health, and wish all the best for the future to come!

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Yesterday we heard about a really interesting acquisition. Fitbit acquired Twine Health, a Boston-based software startup, for an undisclosed amount. Fitbit is obviously going to focus more on their Health Solutions Group initiatives and we are looking forward to the bun they are cooking in the oven.


We are really becoming more and more fond of the hashtag #MergerMondays as the movements in Healthcare are becoming tectonic. Sanofi’s (SNY) purchased Bioverativ (BIVV) for $11.6 billion, and Celgene’s (CELG) $9 billion bought 90 percent of Juno Therapeutics (JUNO). However, the power couple whose engagement we are all eagerly following is the transformative merger that will reshape US Healthcare in 2018: the CVS/AETNA $69 billion deal.


Three giants, Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan Chase, announced Tuesday, that they are creating a company that would diminish the cost of healthcare coverage for their US employees. Collectively they have over 1 million workers worldwide, so some disruption to the existing healthcare covering is bound to happen.

And a #TB to our 2017 fav couple:

It is always a special treat to hear about acknowledgment of the significance of managing employee’s emotional and mental health, not only by improving the accessibility of behavioral health services but proactively assessing treatment outcomes to ensure high quality patient care. Which is why Lyra Health and Welkin’s partnership is especially commendatory.


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