Looking for the Next Big Digital Health Disruptors

Every new healthcare app or fledgling technology is like a sunny window into the future: Could virtual reality replace opioids for pain relief, as proposed by startup DeepStream VR? Might smart contact lenses, under development by Verily (aka Google) and Novartis, soon measure blood sugar levels in tears, eliminating painful finger pricks for people with diabetes?

This optimistic focus on innovation is what makes the upcoming Health 2.0 conference a driving force in an industry dogged by numerous problems—from a lack of care coordination and wasteful practices to a lack of IT interoperability and workforce shortages. Every year, the conference offers some of the tech industry’s best ideas for solving these problems—or making them disappear altogether.  

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Vicert @ “Berlin API DAYS 2014”

In May 2014, Berlin was the host of API Days convention, and this time it was pretty much developer oriented. Naturally, Vicert has sent one of its team members to attend. Here are the impressions.

Are Web APIs that big of a deal?

Yes, yes they are.

Web APIs are gaining in importance as a way of providing software, but also as an integral part of the web site. Developing and owning Web APIs can be very profitable (Google Maps comes to mind) so it is no surprise that there are more and more startups with Web API as their product.

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JHTML Porting – Drop out Droplets!

We will not go through explanation of what Droplets are; you can read ATG documentation for that, which is now available online for free after Oracle acquired ATG. We will just say that droplets can be great way to encapsulate most common things you need when rendering output. They can be viewed as custom tags in JSP. But as with JSP custom tags, no business logic or database manipulation should be put in them.

Unfortunately code which we received did not follow this convention. All functionalities you can imagine were put in the droplets. So as much as we wanted to drop them out from our code, we could not do that. There was no way to extract that logic to controller, it will add years to our release time.

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