5 Ways Digital Tools Will Help Payers

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Undisputedly, healthcare is lagging behind other sectors in its development and use of digital technology tools to meet the needs of its stakeholders, not the least of which is the consumer. The Affordable Care Act has transformed the patient into a true healthcare consumer, looking for the best value for the individual. In order to meet these needs, a script must be borrowed from the playbook of the retail, social, and finance industries, specifically regarding their use of digital technologies in meeting consumer needs. Ultimately, if these needs are met, payers will meet with success. Payers are key players in determining the adoption of mobile health technology. The first of this two-part article will focus on the payer’s perspective and the second will address specific customer needs.

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Health IT Innovations: Why a Cautious Approach Is the Riskiest One

Patients will continue to desire more from the healthcare system as its complexity continues to grow. We’re in the midst of an unparalleled period of health IT innovation on all fronts – including payers, providers and ISVs.
With the cost of hardware continuing to fall and the open source movement developing into full maturity, the barriers to entry in the health IT and digital health space have never been lower. That’s why disruption is now coming from all corners of the world. With enough blood, sweat, and tears, startups and early-stage companies alike can grab a foothold in today’s thriving markets.How are healthcare payers, providers and independent software vendors (ISVs) responding? Some are taking a very cautious approach to new technology, waiting to implement new applications and devices until they’re proven. But if they delay too long, they may get left behind entirely.

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Email Is Out, Social Is In!

Ever work on a software project where hours are wasted keeping everyone in the loop? Okay, there’s an official project plan that everyone is supposed to follow, but in practice, most of the communication is by email.

For Healthcare Software Projects, Email Is Out, Social Is In

Email is a handy tool. But there’s a much better way to handle day-to-day project coordination.
Want Better Project Communication? Give Your Team Some Slack. When it comes to healthcare software development projects, email is out and social is in.

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Finding Your Ideal Healthcare IT Partner

In our previous article, we discussed the expectation gap that forms when an organization like yours engages a healthcare IT outsourcing firm to help with a software development project. To put it simply, the gap between the expertise you expect and the expertise they actually provide can derail your entire plan, leading to missed deadlines, budget overruns, and unhappy clients.

As we promised, we’re now going to take a look at what happens when you choose the wrong partner, and how you can avoid these headaches on your next project.

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