Where Is Disruption In #HealthIT?

7 truly innovative technologies in healthcare!


In 2000, Harvard Business Review ran an article about the threats to existing business models and entrenchment that often prevented innovation and disruption in healthcare.  In it Clayton Christensen, et al described real disruptive technologies being those that “enable less expensive professionals to do progressively more sophisticated things in less expensive settings.”  Since then, the Accountable Care Act was passed and it may one day prove to be the enabler of insurers, regulators, hospitals and health professionals  working together to facilitate disruption instead of uniting to prevent it.

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Does Documentation Still Matter?


It’s a great time to be a healthcare software developer. You’ve finally broken free from the traditional software development process. You can now use iterative or Agile development approaches to deliver high-quality software in a fraction of the time.

And the best part of it is that you no longer have to deliver all that painstaking documentation with your applications, right?
Wrong. Dead wrong.

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It Happened to Anthem, Could it to You?

Healthcare Security Breaches

On January 29, 2015, Anthem woke up to every healthcare payer’s nightmare.

They discovered that highly sophisticated cyber attackers had gained access to Anthem’s IT systems and stolen member information. The attack had apparently occurred in early December 2014.

Healthcare IT Security

To Anthem’s credit, they were quick to make the information about the attack public, took immediate steps to close off the breach, and they’re actively supporting the FBI’s investigation. But once data is stolen, it’s stolen. If cyber criminals plan to sell or share it, or to use it to commit fraud, they can and they probably will. Continue reading “It Happened to Anthem, Could it to You?”