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Top 6 Challenges for Blue Cross Blue Shield Association Member Companies in 2017

Posted by Digital Health Team on Nov 10, 2016

2016 has brought many challenges to the health industry. Difficulties with reimbursements and increases in medical costs has driven up the bottom line. Additionally, significant increases in funding of digital health startups over the past three years have brought an onslaught of companies disrupting segments of the payer business model. Fortunately, the Blue Cross Blue Shield brand is a household name that can carry member companies into Health 2.0.

Over the past 15 years we have been working in digital health, including with BCBSA member companies. Based on our observations here are the six areas BCBSA member companies will be focusing on in 2017:

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It Happened to Anthem, Could it to You?

Posted by Dejan Nedic on Mar 17, 2015

Healthcare Security Breaches

On January 29, 2015, Anthem woke up to every healthcare payer’s nightmare.

They discovered that highly sophisticated cyber attackers had gained access to Anthem’s IT systems and stolen member information. The attack had apparently occurred in early December 2014.

To Anthem’s credit, they were quick to make the information about the attack public, took immediate steps to close off the breach, and they’re actively supporting the FBI’s investigation. But once data is stolen, it’s stolen. If cyber criminals plan to sell or share it, or to use it to commit fraud, they can and they probably will.

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