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Alternatives to Traditional Insurance:  Aligning the Accrual of Benefits

Posted by David Schoch on Jun 2, 2016

The healthcare delivery system is undergoing tremendous change because of pressures to increase access, reduce costs and improve outcomes.  New and innovative approaches to how care is being delivered are emerging and the shift to population health, along with an emphasis in engaging patients in self-management activities, are all contributing to the transformation of healthcare in the United States.

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11 Patient-Centered Digital Health Trends in 2016

Posted by Digital Health Team on Apr 14, 2016

Today’s healthcare leaders are faced with challenges in managing the financial health of their organizations; especially in response to the expansion of quality reporting, meaningful use and other penalties.  They are looking for ways to improve the health of their patients, and condition-specific populations, at a reasonable cost.  Increasingly they hear about the importance of patient-centeredness and the most effective of these leaders are recognizing the connection to digital health tools.

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Apps vs Providers - Why only 2% of patients are using hospital-provided mobile apps?

Posted by David Schoch on Feb 18, 2016

You can lead a health care consumer to your mobile app, but you can’t make them use it, suggests a new report from consulting firm Accenture. It found, in a survey of 100 large U.S. hospitals, that just 2 percent of their patients are using hospital-provided mobile apps, even though two-thirds of the hospitals made them available.

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Safe Texting a New Worry for Health Care Leaders

Posted by Tech Team on Jan 29, 2016

Just like the rest of America, health care workers are becoming increasingly dependent on their mobile devices, and finding that texting is a convenience they’d rather not leave behind when they go to work. That’s despite the potential privacy concerns associated with unsecured texting apps.

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