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Valentine's day special: When Health fell in love with Tech

Posted by Sofija Drecun on Feb 14, 2018

2018 started of with some newly formed relationships, engagements and marriages in the Healthcare space. We witnessed the creation of power couples, inspiring engagements, but also long awaited relationships being formalized. Let’s celebrate the love today between tech & health, and wish all the best for the future to come!

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Feds use EHR certification to push transparency

Posted by David Schoch on Jun 24, 2016

Ensuring that your electronic health record product meets tightening federal certification requirements is getting more challenging as officials scrutinize health IT products more closely for hot-topic issues such as patient privacy, health information exchange and general transparency about their real-world capabilities.

Over the past several weeks, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT has been busy issuing proposed rules and publishing the names of non-complying vendors’ products. This flurry of activity has taken place in the several weeks leading up to ONC’s annual meeting in Washington DC.

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EHRs as the “Operating Systems” of Healthcare?

Posted by Slobodan Radosavljevic on Dec 11, 2015

As of March 2015, 779 health IT vendors supplied certified EHR products to 490,575 health care professionals participating in the CMS EHR Incentive Programs and/or ONC REC Program. 30 of them are big players, primary, and 749 supply secondary EHRs to participating health care professionals. Surprisingly, market share hasn’t changed much in 10 years - so what does that mean to the EHR systems? Are we at the tipping point of disruption?

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Why Consumer Success Depends On Business Processes 2/2

Posted by Digital Health Team on Nov 25, 2015

3 things to know about the future of provider networks and partnerships

Along with consumers who increasingly have a choice of insurance, a health plan’s business processes can impact the kinds of providers they attract, setting the stage for future relationships in the new alternative payment, value-based world.

Primary care practitioners and specialists may be leery of investing their time and money in new value-based contracts if there is not some indication that it will be easier for them to take new patients, get paid regularly, ask questions and reasonably adjudicate payments for disputed treatments.

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Last days of October or “before we change our clocks”

Posted by Digital Health Team on Oct 30, 2015

October has definitely been a busy month for digital health… and us ;)

We started strong at the Health 2.0 Fall Conference where we sponsored a special event called the Launch! where ten startups companies unveiled their products for the very first time!

As a sponsor of the Launch! Voja Lalich, our CEO, was on stage talking about the future of digital health, and our efforts to contribute to the disruption in Health IT. Check out the 3 minute video discussion between Matthew Holt, Co-Chairman of the Health 2.0 and Voja by clicking HERE.

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And Then There Were Three: IT Considerations of Payer Mergers

Posted by Digital Health Team on Oct 8, 2015

Part 2: Five Services via Technologies Payers Should Provide

In the previous post, we discussed how IT tools can facilitate the process of payer mergers. Certainly, members can also benefit from innovation during and after similar corporate transitions. There are ways in which we believe our customers can improve their own experience while benefiting from more informed and adherent patients.

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And Then There Were Three: Digital Technological Considerations of Payer Mergers

Posted by Digital Health Team on Sep 24, 2015

Part 1: Implications for Payers

It is no secret that there is an incredible consolidation in the healthcare payer space. There is a prevailing wisdom that theACA (Obamacare) has fueled this activity.   Others, including former Obama administration adviserSteve Rattner claim that consolidation began with the depression of 2008. Regardless of when it started, the extreme to which these mergers and acquisitions have occurred are both eye-opening and making us give thought to their implications. Deals of the magnitude of Anthem-Cigna and Humana-Aetna would have had regulators reeling decades ago.

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Where Is Disruption In #HealthIT?

Posted by Dejan Nedic on Sep 2, 2015

7 truly innovative technologies in healthcare!

In 2000, Harvard Business Review ran an article about the threats to existing business models and entrenchment that often prevented innovation and disruption in healthcare.  In it Clayton Christensen, et al described real disruptive technologies being those that “enable less expensive professionals to do progressively more sophisticated things in less expensive settings.”  Since then, the Accountable Care Act was passed and it may one day prove to be the enabler of insurers, regulators, hospitals and health professionals  working together to facilitate disruption instead of uniting to prevent it.

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5 Ways Digital Tools Will Help Payers

Posted by Digital Health Team on Jul 17, 2015

Undisputedly, healthcare is lagging behind other sectors in its development and use of digital technology tools to meet the needs of its stakeholders, not the least of which is the consumer. The Affordable Care Act has transformed the patient into a true healthcare consumer, looking for the best value for the individual. In order to meet these needs, a script must be borrowed from the playbook of the retail, social, and finance industries, specifically regarding their use of digital technologies in meeting consumer needs. Ultimately, if these needs are met, payers will meet with success. Payers are key players determining the adoption of mobile health technology. The first of this two-part article will focus on the payer’s perspective and the second will address specific customer needs.

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Does Documentation Still Matter?

Posted by Dejan Nedic on Jun 1, 2015

It’s a great time to be a healthcare software developer. You’ve finally broken free from the traditional software development process. You can now use iterative or Agile development approaches to deliver high-quality software in a fraction of the time.

And the best part of it is that you no longer have to deliver all that painstaking documentation with your applications, right?

Wrong. Dead wrong.

Too many Health IT solution providers are falling into the trap of thinking that streamlined development and faster processes have somehow eliminated the need for good documentation. They figure, “Since everything is moving so fast now, surely the top priority is to start cranking out code as soon as possible.”

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