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2018 Health Technology Trends OR 7 Magnificent Health Tech Trends of 2018

Valentine's day special: When Health fell in love with Tech

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Top 5 Digital Health Trends for 2017

TOP 10 (Digital) Health Conferences in 2017 (until now)

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Summer in the Health Cloud: AWS Lambda Slack Bot

Summer in the Clouds

“Eating” Spaghetti Code for Breakfast, and “Serving” Custom API Framework for Lunch

From mHealth to Connected Health - not just a name changer! (but a game changer?)

Top 6 Challenges for Blue Cross Blue Shield Association Member Companies in 2017

Looking for the Next Big Digital Health Disruptors

Faulty Code Carries Consequences in Digital Health

DevOps @ Vicert – Lessons Learned

How to integrate multiple Wellness devices using Human API

Feds use EHR certification to push transparency

Alternatives to Traditional Insurance:  Aligning the Accrual of Benefits

EHR Integration - Challenges and Solutions

11 Patient-Centered Digital Health Trends in 2016

Health plans and Mobile Apps - Who has the secret sauce?

Exchanges 3.0? How health insurance marketplaces are evolving

Apps vs Providers - Why only 2% of patients are using hospital-provided mobile apps?

Safe Texting a New Worry for Health Care Leaders

User Driven Design: Three Steps to Breakthrough Digital Health Care Solutions

EHRs as the “Operating Systems” of Healthcare?

Why Consumer Success Depends On Business Processes 2/2

Why Consumer Success Depends On Business Processes 1/2

Last days of October or “before we change our clocks”

And Then There Were Three: IT Considerations of Payer Mergers

And Then There Were Three: Digital Technological Considerations of Payer Mergers

Where Is Disruption In #HealthIT?

5 Things Subscribers Want in mHealth Tools

5 Ways Digital Tools Will Help Payers

Does Documentation Still Matter?

Health IT Innovations: Why a Cautious Approach Is the Riskiest One

Email Is Out, Social Is In!

It Happened to Anthem, Could it to You?

Finding Your Ideal Healthcare IT Partner

Bridging the Expectation Gap in Health IT Outsourcing

Vicert @ Coding Serbia 2014, Novi Sad - Part II

Vicert @ Coding Serbia 2014, Novi Sad - Part I

Vicert @ "Berlin API DAYS 2014"

Vicert @ “The Geek Gathering 2014”

#2 Spring: Manipulating Salesforce objects

#1 Spring Web application: Authentication

Spring: ServletContext attributes

DSP Forms Porting

JHTML Porting - Drop out Droplets!

Form Handler Porting

ATG Retirement Project: Converting the Data Layer

Hibernate and database triggers

ATG Retirement Project - Introduction

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